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This guide provides step- by- step instructions for deploying ios devices using apple configurator 2 and the casper suite. Additional resources apple configurator: transitioning to apple deployment programs decide whether to use apple configurator 2 or apple deployment programs to deploy ios or macos devices in education and business environments. Using apple configurator to add devices to dep. Use " manual configuration" and check only the boxes for " add to device enrollment program" and " allow devices to. I know you can do it with ios devices now via apple configurator but there doesn' t seem to be a way for me to enroll macos devices manually. Trying to add a macmini and mbp to test out dep functionality on macos. Thanks in advance! Apple configurator 2 ( ac2) enrollment: the following steps will assist you in the enrollment process for ios devices with apple configurator manual dep configurator 2 into filewave.

* note: this guide assumes you' ve already manual dep configurator set up dep in filewave. Next you import this profile to apple configurator in the following procedure to define the intune profile used by ios/ ipados manual dep configurator devices. Enroll devices with setup assistant. On a mac computer, open apple configurator 2. In the menu bar, choose manual dep configurator apple configurator 2, and manual dep configurator then choose preferences. I' m currently looking into manual dep configurator dep vs apple configurator. My question is, can you push manual dep configurator apps the same way you can with apple configurator in dep?

I can create profiles within apple configurator of apps and automatically push those profiles to the iphones. Can i do the same thing with dep? To deploy devices using manual enrollment and a dynamic enrollment url, you need: jamf pro 9. Ios devices supported by apple configurator 2.

A mac with apple manual dep configurator configurator 2 installed. An smtp server set up in jamf pro. For detailed apple configurator 2 requirements, see requirements in apple' s help documentation. Note: if your ios devices are not in apple' s dep you would use this manual enrollment method ( apple configurator 2) using the enrollment url manual dep configurator that is provided by mobile guardian. You may be wondering why a school may want to use configurator as well as mobile guardian. The answer has to do with extended functionality and ease of use.

To add ios devices that you didn’ t purchase to device enrollment, like a donated ipad, learn how to manual dep configurator manually add ios devices in apple configurator 2. After you manually add a device, assign the device to an mdm server in apple business manager or assign the device to an mdm server in manual dep configurator apple school manager. This video shows how devices running ios 11 or higher can be added to your dep account through apple configurator. This allows even devices not purchased through apple to participate in the device. Previously, apple allowed only the devices purchased directly from apple to be enrolled in manual dep configurator apple’ s device enrollment program ( dep).

But with the new update ( to apple configurator 2. 5 and later) you can now add any apple devices running manual dep configurator manual dep configurator ios 11 manual dep configurator or later to dep regardless of how or from where it is purchased. With the new intune manual dep configurator on azure portal released you can add ios manual dep configurator devices that are configured as supervised devices via the apple manual dep configurator configurator manual dep configurator 2. Configuring the apple ios device via the apple configurator requires that you have the ios device connected to a macos device that is running the apple configurator. Apple configurator 2. 5+ automatic enrollment.

Automatic enrollment through apple configurator only works on ios devices that are in apple’ s device enrollment program ( dep), and allows you to pre- provision wireless settings on devices to seamlessly enroll during the device' s setup assistant. With apple configurator 2. 5 ( or greater) you can simultaneously enroll your devices in apple dep and mdm service. Follow these steps to enroll your devices with the apple configurator. Note — after enrolling the device in apple dep and mdm, users will have manual dep configurator the ability to remove the device from apple dep for 30 days. During this period, users. Manual device manual dep configurator enrollment you can also manually enroll ios devices and apple tv in dep using apple configurator, regardless of how you acquired them. With manual device enrollment, a 30- day provisional period begins once a device is activated. During that period, users can remove their devices from enrollment, supervision, and mdm. Login to the mac computer manual dep configurator and launch the apple configurator 2 ( ac2) app. Select manual from the drop- down menu, then click the next button.

On the next page, you' ll be prompted to select the. From ios11, or higher it is possible to add devices to dep. Please check manual dep configurator this article for manual dep configurator more information. Apple manual dep configurator configurator 2 manual dep configurator will allow you to enroll devices in a supervised state into jamf sch. Deploy devices using manual enrollment with manual dep configurator an enrollment url. In the jss, enable the apple configurator enrollment method( s) you intend to use. See apple configurator enrollment settings in the casper suite administrator' s guide.

Page 1 adobe configurator 1. Page 5 introduction this manual provides an introduction to adobe configurator 1. 0 on mac os and windows. Chapter 1 covers the basic conventions used in this manual and system requirements.

Chapter 2 offers a brief overview of configurator and describes manual dep configurator how to create a simple panel. Preparing devices using apple configurator 2. On your mac, open the apple configurator 2 app and plug your ipad devices manual dep configurator into the mac. Select manual dep configurator the devices and click " prepare” from the menu along the top.

Choose " manual configuration", and click " next". On the next screen you will choose to enroll in a new server and click " next". Configurator will ask you which mode you’ d manual dep configurator manual dep configurator like to use. Select " manual". Apple configurator will ask you if you’ d like to assign the device to an mdm. Select ‘ manual dep configurator new server. ’ if you haven’ t completed this process before. The following screen manual dep configurator will allow you to specify a name for your mdm as well as the enrollment url. In this video, we' ll walk through the process for adding ios devices to dep with apple configurator 2. 5, you can add devices to your organization’ s dep account. Fr manual dep configurator configurator sw3 instruction manual 4 function 5 trouble indication 3 setting wizard 2 when using for the first time fr configurator inverter instruction manual k 1 outline fr- sw3- setup- we- windows ( english) version- inverter setup software ib( naeng- k( 1606) mee printed manual dep configurator in japan specifications subject to change without notice.

Fr manual dep configurator configurator instruction manual trouble 3 indications appendices 4 functions 2 overview 1 head office: tokyo bldg marunouchi tokyofr- sw2- setup- we- windows® ( english) version- vfd setup software ibeng- amee printed in japan specifications subject to change without notice. Walkthrough: add ios 11+ devices to dep with apple configurator. New options as of ios 11. With the release of ios 11, apple provided businesses a manual dep configurator means to manual dep configurator add any existing ios device to their device enrollment program ( dep) account. Use apple dep instead. When using mdm, manual dep configurator manual dep configurator apple dep substitutes for apple manual dep configurator configurator. Apple dep devices are ready out- of- the- box, eliminating the need for usb/ lightning connections and extra touches. Referenced earlier, you can learn more about apple dep via this article. If you’ d like to use dep, apply for an account at deploy.

It’ s important to ensure that the iphone, ipad or apple tv is maintained in device enrollment ( dep), we recommend that all manual dep configurator end- users such as teachers and students are made aware of this fact. How to enroll a donated device in manual dep configurator device enrollment ( dep) within apple school manager using apple configurator 2. What' s new in apple configurator manual dep configurator 2. 7 skip setup assistant panes in ios 11. 3 manual dep configurator configure new profile manual dep configurator payloads and restrictions for ios 11. 3 including require face id authentication before autofill, configuring managed software updates, cellularservices service exception, and require teacher consent before leaving teacher- created class. In apple manual dep configurator configurator and imazing, supervising identities can be imported by importing an organization.

⚠ dep devices: devices configured via apple' s device enrollment program ( dep) retrieve their configuration from apple' s servers, via the download and installation of a dep profile. Setting up apple configurator. This example creates a blue print to enable you to batch process a number manual dep configurator of ios devices. This also assumes this is a default setup of manual dep configurator apple configurator with no details yet entered. Adding your dep/ organisation details. Launch apple configurator and select ' preferences' from the apple configurator 2 menu. Set the prepare manual dep configurator with option to manual configuration. Check the box add to device enrollment program; unselect the box to activate and complete enrollment. It’ s important to uncheck this box at this point. When apple configurator adds the device to dep, it will not be assigned to your mdm server and if you try to automatically enroll it will fail. 66 release, maas360 extends capabilities to enroll any non- dep ios 11 devices from apple configurator.

This enrollment is possible manual dep configurator by using enrollment url in maas360 portal that supports both enrollment methods such as ' with authentication' and manual dep configurator ' without authentication'. I' ve followed the guide linked on this page and everything does work, however when using the manual enrollment method and selecting the meraki mdm server, the devices are being added to the " devices added by apple configurator 2" server in the dep portal rather than the meraki server specified during the " prepare" steps in configurator. Manually manual dep configurator add devices to apple business manager with apple configurator. This article explains how to manually add existing devices to apple business manager ( formerly apple device enrollment program) using apple configurator. Apple configurator is a free app in the mac app store. If you are using apple school manager, the instructions are the manual dep configurator same. The user of an apple dep device cannot manually remove manual dep configurator mdm control, which is possible on devices that are not enrolled in the manual dep configurator apple dep. For devices that are converted to dep using the non- dep to dep feature of the apple configurator, users can remove mdm control during the first 30 days. Make a note of the device' s serial number ( available from the info view in apple configurator). You will need it later to assign the device to the mdm server synced with jamf now.

Select the device and click prepare. In the prepare devices dialog box: select " prepare with manual configuration". Select " add to device enrollment program". If you chose allow apple configurator by certificate in manual dep configurator the previous step, choose an apple configurator certificate to import. You can specify a naming format for devices that is automatically applied when they enroll and upon each successive checkin.

To create a naming template, select yes under apply device name template. 96 or later ios or tvos devices supported by apple configurator 2 a mac with apple configurator 2 installed an smtp manual dep configurator server set up in jamf pro manual dep configurator for detailed apple configurator 2 requirements, see requirements for apple configurator on mac in. Alternatively, manual dep configurator if your ios devices are manual dep configurator not in apple' s dep, you can use the manual enrollment method by configuring your systems manager mdm server in manual dep configurator manual dep configurator apple configurator via enrollment url. This article will cover both apple configurator 2 mdm enrollment options in detail: dep automatic enrollment method and manual enrollment url method. Apple configurator doesn’ t use the value when registering dep devices. Select the device and then select prepare. Select manual configuration and follow the wizard pages to prepare the device.

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